Caitlin was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado. She took the windy road as she explored what to do with life and that path took her from Boulder to Berkeley to Philadelphia to Paris and back to Boulder.

She enrolled in Elephant Journal's Elephant Academy in June 2015. She went on to become an editor and community manager, internship coordinator, and eventually took on the management and production of the Academy. The Academy is an online program which teaches social media, blogging, editing and journalism ethics to students across the world.

Her passion is blogging from a place of the heart and helping folks gain a deeper access and understanding of social media and writing as a gateway to unlocking their deepest desires and messages to share with the world. She crafts written and photographic copy that is accessible and engaging. Her goal with social media and digital communication is to offer audiences access to the people, places, ideas and relationships that might just help them find a deeper purpose in their own life. She aims to be of benefit.

Caitlin appreciates watching sunrises and sunsets, a good book, yoga that nurtures mind, body, and soul, and work that serves her well-being and makes her heart sing.