Earth Ways Yoga Teacher

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Caitlin has been practicing yoga for almost 10 years. Her mother introduced her to Vinyasa flow yoga in high school to help her recover from an injury. In 2014, she found Forrest Yoga and discovered something more in her yoga practice. Her yoga mat became a place she looked forward to spending time because of the sacred sense of ritual and commitment that quickly strengthened her practice. Forrest Yoga introduced her to how the somatic aspect can be interwoven with emotional balancing on the yoga mat. She's been a student of Kate Mulheron's since then, and has been taking classes with Kate since the birth of Earth Ways Yoga. Caitlin has a deep love affair with the Earth Ways Yoga practice because of how it brings her back to balance in working in relationship with Mother Nature to deepen her healing. For Caitlin, time spent on her yoga mat in movement and meditation is a sacred time of coming back to her heart and soul.

Caitlin is also trained to teach Vinyasa, Hatha, and Hot Yoga.

Caitlin is currently a substitute teacher at studios around Boulder. Watch her Instagram for announcements regarding teaching. 

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